What is Towards 90?

The Towards 90 or T90 Program is all about sheep reproduction best practice. In simple terms, implementing the management to sustainably generate more lambs to sell.

The T90 brand reflects the targets of achieving 90% and beyond in lamb survival across single and twin-bearing ewes.

90% and beyond in lamb survival

Implement a series of best practices

Optimise the reproductive performance of your stock

Why is 90% and beyond important?

If you achieve 90% or beyond in survival in both single and twin bearing ewes, then you have successfully implemented a series of best-practices or T90 Modules that will optimise the reproductive performance of your flock.

Putting these T90 Modules to work in your enterprise will not only ensure you generate more lambs to sell, but achieve it in a sustainable approach from economic, environmental and welfare perspectives.

T90 is about implementing the management to sustainably generate more lambs to sell

T90 Modules

The T90 program consists of 10 Modules that cover the range in best practices that span the reproductive cycle of sheep.

These Modules have been developed by industry professionals using existing and new knowledge from research and development programs.

Step by Step

Many T90 Modules are dependent on pre-requisite management. This means that there is an order in which management practices are undertaken to achieve greatest impact.

In fact, some management practices cannot be executed unless prior practices have been achieved.

The T90 Program helps participants to identify where they are on their journey to achieving T90

Ways to get Involved

There are several opportunities to participate in the T90 activities.

The T90 modules and best-practices are delivered through several channels

T90 Focus Farms

The T90 Focus Farms are leading farm operations that open their doors for participants to see how the T90 best-practices are implemented across the reproductive cycle and at farm scale.

The T90 Focus Farms host an annual field day and open their farms up at five times during the reproductive cycle for T90 Exchange and T90 Teams to observe key practices in action at scale.

T90 Field Days

Each year at the Focus Farms a showcase of all things sheep management will be on display to enable producers, service providers and industry professionals to interact and experience the best the sheep industry has to offer.

T90 Exchanges

T90 Exchanges are where a group of 10 or more producers can observe the implementation a T90 Module on a Demonstration Farm with the guidance of a consultant or service provider. These are a chance to trial and observe the practice in your own neighbourhood. You may join multiple Exchanges of different Modules. There are no pre-requisites to join an Exchange.


T90 Teams

T90 Teams are where a group of 5 producers come together, and with the support from a consultant or service provider, implement a T90 module on each member’s farm, while observing and learning with their peers.


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