Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is T90 for?

The T90 program was written for all sheep producers to increase their lamb survival. If you work in the industry, are new to the industry or are a producer yourself and want to learn about practices to increase lamb survival you should join an Exchange and see what T90 is about!

What experience or background do I need to be involved? 

To attend an Exchange you do not need any prior experience or skills. Anyone is welcome to attend and learn along side the 10+ others that will be attending. Exchanges are a great way to learn the information on someone else’s farm and network with others in the industry.

To attend a Team you need to have a farm on which to implement the changes taught in the program. Joining a team will be most beneficial when you are ready to apply what you have learned so you may decide to attend an Exchange this year then join a Team next year.

What do the Module prices include?

The prices listed on the website are for the entire module. So, for example, to participate in a Joining Length Exchange it is a total of $242 (inc GST) for the whole program, including online learning material, Focus Farm visits and access to the online chat space. You can find all the pricing on the Module Pages. 

Do I need to attend all the sessions in a Module?

Naturally you will achieve the best results by attending all sessions as they flow on from one another. If you cannot make one of the sessions you will still have access to the online learning material.

When are groups starting?

Now! We have Teams and Exchanges up and running now so get in contact with us on (03) 5571 9001 or find a trainer in your area and give them a call.

Who created the Towards 90 Program?

Thrive Agri Services created the T90 Program in partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia, Nextgen Agri, Paradoo Prime and Murdoch University. 






Do you have questions that you think should be on the FAQ page? Give us a call at the T90 Office on (03) 5571 9001.


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