Joining Length

Shorter Joinings, Longer Profits

This module takes participants through the advantages of reducing joining length and how to improve your joining period.

Sessions: 4

Timing of Sessions: Will be calculated from the first day of joining (Day 0)

Team Cost : $780 + GST (covers all four sessions)

Exchange Cost : $220 + GST (covers all four sessions)


Days from start of joining
Key Topics


Pre-joining 1 (-56 days or earlier)

Session 1 focuses on ewe management pre- and post- joining and the impacts your decisions can have on your enterprise's profitability and overall management.


Pre-joining 2 (-20 days)

Session 2 focuses on key management practices for joining. 


Post-scanning (+110 days)

Session 3 focuses on the key knowledge required for setting up for lambing. 


Post-marking (+190 days)

Session 4 reviews the outcomes of the different joining lengths and the benefits to the enterprise. 


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