Lambing Preparation

Lambing Preparation

Setting the scene for success

This module takes participants through all the planning and critical steps to providing the best possible lambing environment to maximise lambs and ewe survival.

Sessions: 3

Timing of Sessions : Will be calculated from the first day of joining (Day 0)

Team Cost : $630 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Exchange Cost : $220 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Days from start of joining
Key Topics


Post-Scanning (+100 days)

Session 1 focuses on the key knowledge and skills required to set up a lambing plan. 


Pre-Lambing (+130 days)

Session 2 focuses on the key knowledge around ewe and lamb mortality and lambing management.


Post-Lamb Marking (+190 days)

Session 3 reviews the benefits of the interventions at lambing on ewe and lamb survival. 


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