Managing Maternal Condition Score

Managing Maternal Condition Score

Fueling The Engine Room

This module introduces the new knowledge from research and development conducted on crossbred and composite genotypes and how best to manage nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Sessions: 4

Timing of Sessions: Will be calculated from the first day of joining (Day 0)

Team Cost : $840 + GST (covers all four sessions)

Exchange Cost : $220 + GST (covers all four sessions)

Days from start of joining
Key Topics


Pre-Scanning (+70 days)

Session 1 focuses on ewe nutritional requirements during pregnancy and lactation. 


Post-Scanning (+110 days)

Session 2 focuses on maximising lamb survival and production.


Post-Lambing (+180 days)

Session 3 focuses on key knowledge around ewe mortality and implications regarding production targets and profitability of the enterprise. 


Post-Weaning (+220 days)

Session 4 focuses on reviewing the impacts of condition score on lamb growth and weaning weight. 


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