Maximising Ewe Potential

Maximising Ewe Potential

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

This module takes participants through the key area where improvements can be made in minimising the number of ewes that are culled and the practices to make informed decisions on retaining replacement ewes.

Sessions : 3

Timing of Sessions : Will be calculated from the first day of joining (Day 0)

Team Cost : $630 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Exchange Cost : $220 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Days from start of joining
Key Topics


Pre-Marking (+70 days)

Session 1 focuses on the key requirements and methods for selection and culling procedures.


Pre-Weaning (+210 days)

Session 2 focuses on key knowledge required when implementing plans for weaning and post-weaning selection and culling procedures and how to undertake practical assessments. 


Pre-Joining (-45 days)

Session 3 focuses on making decisions armed with post-weaning selection and culling results and using this information to optimise production plans. 


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