Weaning Management

Weaning Management

Build On The Good Start

The module leads participants through the best-practice management to ensure lambs are weaned on time and are setup to continue to thrive during the post-weaning period.

Sessions : 3

Timing of Sessions : Will be calculated from the first day of joining (Day 0)

Team Cost : $585 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Exchange Cost : $220 + GST (covers all three sessions)

Days from start of joining
Key Topics


Marking - Weaning (~ +180 to +200 days)

Session 1 focuses on knowledge required at marking to maximise ewe performance and improve weaning management. 


Post-Weaning 1 (+220 days)

Session 2 focuses on feeding requirements and key management practices during the immediate post weaning period. 


Post-Weaning 2 (+250 days)

Session 3 focuses on the key management practices required for feeding over the next 90 days and key practices associated with ewe udder health. 


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